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Beyond Dalit Theology. Searching for New Frontiers

Fortress Press, Michigan

This book is a critique of Dalit theology, leading to proposals for the future directions of a theology of social transformation in India. Dalit theology has ruled the roost for the last forty years in the Indian theological landscape. It has captivated the theological imagination in India in spite of other theological movements, like tribal theology, green theology, and so on, which are relatively recent and have had little impact. Despite the dominance of Dalit theology, in the last decade many writers have questioned its social impact and theological efficacy.

This book takes advantage of the critique to make some proposals for doing a theology of social transformation in India. It explores new ways of doing Christology, pneumatology, and ecclesiology. In addition, it argues for the need of a public theology in the changing religious-political scenario in India.

Available on May 25, 2022. Pre-order available. 

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