The healer God: A true story

It is now 24 years since Lucy (not her real name) was diagnosed with colon cancer. It had claimed her mother’s life a few years back. Being genetic, Lucy’s chances of survival were thin.

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Lucy was not yet 40 years. The diagnosis devastated her husband and her two teenage boys. The treatment would drain their meagre resources, they stared at bankruptcy.

Since she was a member of our prayer group, we began to pray for her individually and in groups. Though I prayed dutifully, I did not believe she would survive.

I returned to my country after four long years abroad, but I continued to pray for her. In the course of time the connections snapped as I stopped sending news to the group. So, no news came from the group. I didn’t know what had happened to Lucy. I concluded that the inevitable happened, she is no more.

I had a surprise waiting for me when I returned for a short visit after 23 years. I casually inquired a mutual friend about Lucy’s family. I wanted to know when she died, how her husband and sons are doing now. However, I was not ready for the shock when the friend told me that Lucy is alive, healed of cancer, living a rich and wonderful life. I had to pinch myself in disbelief to convince myself that what I heard is not in a dream.

Every doctor she turned to told her that she doesn’t have much time left. But Lucy and her team of prayer warriors didn’t believe what the doctors told. They still trusted in the God who heals. One of her Oncologists noted that her cancer is moving slowly from the colon to the liver. So, he waited. Then, after a long wait, when it reached the liver, he surgically removed it! Liver will grow on its own, my friend added. I still don’t understand the details of this strange phenomenon nor the medical procedure, but one thing I learned: God answers prayers and heals.


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