How to deal with fretting?

Bible advises not to fret! “Do not fret because of the evil men or be envious of those who do wrong” (Psa 37:1). Reasons for fretting are many: People whom we depend on may fail us. Sometimes we dwell on our mistakes and failures. We may be around people who are disappointed, anxious, worried, and discouraged, eager to toss them over to us. Caregivers like pastors, counselors and so forth become victims of people who relieve themselves by dumping their anxieties on others. They are as mosquitoes that carry parasites causing Malaria, but immune to the sickness. Christ-followers end up wasting time fretting over all things imaginable.

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The first thing to do to avoid fretting is to realize the finiteness of human beings. Those who cause us worry are not there for ever. “For like grass they will soon wither. Like green plants they will soon die away” (Ps 37:2). No one can cause a child of God worry permanently. All that they can cause are temporary distractions. So, we should not get distracted!

So, instead of fretting, what should the children of God do? They should not even glance at the enemy but to turn their attention to God. The advice has four verbs— “trust” (37:3), “delight” (37:4); “commit” (37:5) and “Be still (37:7)—all in relation to God. By trusting in God and delighting in God’s work we over­come fretting over the enemy. We need to commit our ways to God and be still. In other words, leave everything that frustrate to God to oversee them according to his will. In sum, turn our attention from the enemy to God! Do not fret but focus on God!


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