Pain of being ignored

It is most painful to be ignored. Ignoring someone is an unpardonable offense.

This old church built with rock tucked away in the hills had only 10 pews that could squeeze in about fifty people. Still the church was not full that day as usual. More than half were kids of all ages. It was my turn to preside over the Holy Communion that day.

Photo by Italo Crespi on

I passed the peace to all in the congregation adults and small kids as well and returned to my seat. I ignored a cry from the congregation, feeble in the beginning and then got louder. Children crying in the service is not unusual but this time the adults were giggling. So, I turned to my assistant to find out what was going on.

He told me that the little girl is so sad that I missed this four-year old in the passing of peace by mistake. So, I immediately walked down to her and extended my hands. However, she turned her head away in protest. I tried again but he cried louder. The mother took her out, missing the rest of the Communion service trying to cool little Sarah down.

After the service, I joined a family for lunch. Sara’s parents lived next door. So, I made it a point to visit her, say sorry and cheer her up. Her elder brother and sister came out of their little house to greet me. But Sara was not to be seen anywhere. She had spotted me walking towards her house and she had resolved not to meet me. I called her out, she won’t budge. Then I forced myself into her house. There she was, in a chair, refusing to give me the benefit of eye contact. She has nothing to do with the pastor who ignored her in the passing of peace.


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