Strides that Determine Destiny

Everything was as usual as Moses led the flock to the sparsely vegetated landscape around Mount Sinai. As the sheep moved from one bush to another Moses followed them playing his shepherd’s flute.

He noticed a bush far away in the fire. Dry grass and bushes catch fire in the Mediterranean sun where the day temperature may hit 50 degrees Celsius or above. But after a while Moses noticed that the bush was still burning but it is not yet reduced to ashes. In the forty years of his wandering in this patch of land he had never seen such a thing. It was an unusual scene that day.

As Moses walked towards the bush to find out why it was still burning, he may not have realized that his strides would change his destiny. There, from the midst of the burning bush God spoke to him. God called him to a mission that was pending for over four centuries. That is to fulfill the promise made to Abraham that, his descendants will be aliens in a foreign land, but God will lead them out to possess a prosperous land (Gen 15:12—20). God commanded Moses to take up that task.

At that moment, when he was eighty, God entrusted Moses with a mission that would engage him for the remaining forty years of his life.

There are no chance encounters. Everything is God ordained. We need to ask what God is speaking to us through the unusual things that comes on our way. Through something that happens today God is trying to speak to us something that changes the direction of our lives.

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