Eat and Remember

As the LORD commanded Moses, so Aaron placed it before the testimony to be kept” (Exod 16:34).

Read: 16:1—36.

We should not only enjoy God’s blessings but commit them into our memory to lead a life of gratitude to God.

The provision of Manna was an extraordinary instance in the whole of the Bible. It was not known before, so that the people asked, “what is this” (MA NA in Hebrew) and that became its name.

Manna was a daily provision that lasted for the forty years of their wilderness wandering, and stopped the day they tasted the fruit of the promised land (Josh 5:12). It came with a 24-hour “use before date,” since it would spoil if kept overnight. However, whatever they collected on the day before Sabbath had 48-hour expiry date, since it lasted that day it was collected and the next day when they were not allowed to go out. There will no Manna shower on the seventh day.

This heavenly food given to the mortals (John 6:31) is a symbol of God’s care to provide for his people. He limited its life to 24 hours to make his people see God’s provision fresh every day as a reminder that God’s mercies are “new every morning” (Lam 3:23).

However, God’s provisions should not be forgotten. Hunger will drive us to look for food, but once satisfied, it is likely that we forget what God has done. Since Manna is not just food that satisfied hunger but a symbol of God’s kind dealings with them, God asked Moses to keep a pot of Manna in the Ark of the Covenant by the side of the tablets of ten commandments. Manna collected on Friday evening lasted through the Saturday, but this pot of Manna would last as long as God’s eternal covenant with them.

Manna, which symbolizes God’s provisions for us, should not be eaten and forgotten, but should be memory that we cherish to foster our love towards God.

Prayer: God teach us to count our blessings, so that we live in constant remembrance of your kind dealings with us.


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