Strides that Determine Destiny

Everything was as usual as Moses led the flock to the sparsely vegetated landscape around Mount Sinai. As the sheep moved from one bush to another Moses followed them playing his shepherd’s flute. He noticed a bush far away in the fire. Dry grass and bushes catch fire in the Mediterranean sun where the day […]

Christian faith is more than dogma

Faith is not just a set of beliefs or the trust that we have in someone. It is also the allegiance to a person.  Take the case of Saint Peter for example. What did Peter had to do when Jesus called him? He had to follow Jesus. To follow Jesus, he had to leave his father, the net, and […]

Good soil and wild mushrooms

Last week I spoke at the 100th death anniversary of Volbrecht Nagel, a German missionary to the South Indian state of Kerala. Though he was in Kerala only for two decades, the songs he composed are still sung in the churches. They also have made into cinematic music. Some are translated into 21 plus Indian […]